Linen - Hemp - Altes Bauernleinen

French 19th century dyed linen and hemp sheets


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update: No 10 also sold - thank you!


French 19th century hemp sheet dyed


French 19th century linen and hemp sheets

French hemp sheets, mid-19th century, dyed in different grey tones

French 19th century linen and hemp sheets, dyed

Pillows made of antique German hemp grain sacks from the 19th century

Antique German grain sacks in hemp, mid-19th century to early 20th century

Fil de lin Drap, French, sold

Fine linen damask guest towels, French, late 19th century


Large Collection of French linen and hemp chemises - shirts and night dresses
from mid-19th century to late 19th century

mid-19th century French hemp sheets in their original and natural straw-like color

Antique 19th century German grain sack in hemp

Antique  Kelsch

French 19th century night dress in fine linen

Antique Kelsch duvet cover and large pillow case, 19th century, Alsace, handwoven linen
Antique German grain sacks

French nappe de vindange  - table cloths in hemp, and hemp kitchen towels, 19th century

Vintage Hemp rolls for upholstery


Collection of very large French table cloths, mainly 19th century, in linen damask

Antique German grain sack in hemp, perfect for upholstery


French fine linen Drap - oversheet
update:  sold

update: sold

collection of antique French Draps - over sheets in fine linen
with hand embroidered large monograms

hemp rolls for upholstery

Over sheet in very large size (king bed) and pair of pillow cases in the finest linen, French
all hand stitched and embroidered

French linen sheet, late 19th century

Antique French linen sheets, late 19th century

Set of 16 napkins and 1 large table cloth in the finest linen damask
French, second half 19th century

Drap - over sheet in pure linen, wonderful natural color, all hand stitched and embroidered
around 1900

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Monogrammed French antique linen Draps - over sheets

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